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Making Time For Armageddon

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: Our current performance in the market is unacceptable.

ALICE: Sorry Boss. Apple is making all the new, hip hardware, and we’re currently viewed as old news. We’re going to have to try and ride it out.

THE BOSS: You don’t understand — you can’t possibly understand. Apple must not keep succeeding. If it does, the results would be… unpleasant.

ALICE: What do you mean?

THE BOSS: If Apple’s success is sustained for too long, then —

MALE UBERTHUG: Excuse me, Boss, but I just got a message from D-Sector. “Omega Protocol.” I don’t know what it means, but —

THE BOSS: I have to go. Cancel my meetings.


ALICE: You don’t have any meetings.

THE BOSS: Organise some meetings, then CANCEL THEM!

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