Comic Transcript

by Christopher B. Wright and Randall Munroe

ALICE: And that, in short, is the “Munroe Equation”

(Slide showing xkcd’s Cat Proximity comic.)

ALICE: We have been trying to determine the best way to effectively exploit this.

ALICE: Our basic theory was sound: We thought that if we placed cats near our computer displays in stores, customers would be easier to manipulate into making foolish decisions.

(Slide of a customer and a salesman standing next to a cat. The customer has thrown up his hands over his head and is saying “You’re a Kitty!” Slide has a profit index pointing UP.)

ALICE: Unfortunately we neglected to take into account that our salesmen would also be humans.

(Slide of a customer and a salesman standing next to cut, both throwing their hands over their heads and saying “You’re a Kitty!” Slide has a profit index pointing DOWN.)

XKCD, an extremely funny webcomic by Randall Munroe, is published under an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons License. This means, among other things, that it is possible to create derivative works from the original material so long as it is properly referenced and is not used for commercial purposes.

After reading Cat Proximity I was inspired to create the above derivative work. However, posting it on my site would been a violation of the license at the time, because I ran banner advertising: it would generate revenue off of people viewing it, and would qualify as being used for commercial purposes.

Fortunately, Randall found the comic amusing and granted me permission to post it here. So it all worked out in the end, and with exemption in hand I present to you “XKCD Desk…”

Note: regardless of whatever license I have adopted to distribute my own work, this particular comic is subject to the Attribution-NonCommercial CCL (v.2.5) as specified by Mr. Munroe.

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