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Comic Transcript

BOSS: All is finally as it should be, Viktor.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I’m glad to hear it.

BOSS: Binky is once again at Ubersoft. My sigil has returned. I am no longer compelled to perform acts of kindness or adapt a cheery, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: What about the other versions of you?

BOSS: What do you mean?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well now that we have their Binkys, won’t they eventually… turn good?

BOSS: The one at SCO has been circling the drain for years. However, the RIAA does invaluable work in the service of Evil when it comes to enforcing intellectual property rights. I have taken steps to ensure that my “brother” there will not be tempted to distribute ponies to RIAA employees.


RIAA LAWYER: I like your new bling.


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