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Strange Aeons, Indeed

Comic Transcript

MONK: Oh, look – the Boss’… fire… letters… thing… came back.

ALEX: When was the last time you saw it? Does anyone remember the last time they saw it?

MARK: The last I saw it, it was following him around spelling out “Wheee!” as the Boss handed out ponies left and right.

MONK: Well it doesn’t spell “Whee!” any more.

MARK: Just as well. That was kind of creepy.

ALEX: As opposed to floating burning letters that smell vaguely of sulphur that spell something OTHER than “Wheee?”

MARK: It’s a different kind of creepy.

ALEX: A different kind?

MARK: Yeah. When you expect eldritch evil and get something benign instead.

ALEX: … like if Cthulhu rose out from beneath the waters and gave you a kitten?

MARK: … and told you to have a nice day, then skipped back to R’lyeh for a tea party. Exactly.

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