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The Independent Study, Part 2

The Independent Study, Part 2
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Comic Transcript

MARK: You can’t possibly believe that people are going to fall for your guys trying to pass off a company name like “This is Not Ubersoft, Inc” as if it were an independent research group.

ALICE: Look, Mark, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve come to realize something.

MARK: What?

ALICE: The press likes to talk to us.


ALICE: The press likes to talk to us. We’re reasonably friendly, we give them gifts, exclusive interviews, and by and large we don’t insult them right off the bat.

ALICE: When we do something like this, though, we’re almost guaranteed to stir up elements in the “opposition” who are NOT friendly, who treat the press with CONTEMPT, and who will aggressively accuse anyone of reporting about this story as being a mindless Ubersoft stooge.

ALICE: If you were the press, who would YOU want to talk to?

MARK: You’re good.

ALICE: I’m really not. That’s sort of the point.

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