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Buying The Back Room

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: You have purchased the organizations that lobby for the Telecommunications Industry?


THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): We have reached a stage in our society where the powers you see are no longer the true powers that make things come to pass. I am investing in those true powers–the ones who work behind the scenes to ensure that things happen.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): The “Telecommunications Industry” can do nothing on its own. If they raise or lower prices too much, or impose too many restrictions too quickly, they still suffer a measure of backlash from their customers, or even from the government. The best way to avoid such fallout is to change the law first — then they can claim they aren’t doing anything wrong.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): But who changes the laws? Politicians, at least superficially. But the true power brokers are the lobbyists — the ones who apply behind-the-scenes political pressure, who buy, cajole, and threaten the politicians into doing their clients will. They are the forces that will determine the course of society from this point onward.

THE BOSS: Hmmm. If what you say is true, then it will only be a matter of time before groups are formed to attempt to sway the opinions of lobbyists instead of politicians.

THE BOSS (HEALTH INSURANCE): According to my calculations the Lobbyist’s Lobby is only a few years away.

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