Democracy: Divide By Zero, Part Ten

Democracy: Divide By Zero, Part Ten
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Comic Transcript

BOARD MEMBER: Look… We have emails from you telling your employers that if anyone found out your e-voting terminals didn’t work, Ubersoft would be in danger of being prosecuted. We also have emails from your developers talking about how the e-voting terminals don’t work. We ALSO have emails from Ubersoft’s management team discussing ways to cover up the fact that the e-voting terminals don’t work.

BOARD MEMBER: Do you have anything at all to say for yourselves?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: It… well… we…

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well, it appears as if you have caught us red-handed. And on behalf of Ubersoft, I would like to apologize profusely for that.


BOARD MEMBER: Apologize for committing the deception, or apologize for being caught?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Next question.

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