Emerson Never Said This

Emerson Never Said This
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Hi. I’m using Ubersoft HomePage to create our company’s website, but for some reason the web pages I create can only be viewed in Ubersoft’s web browser, and not in Netscape’s.

ALEX: HomePage utilizes web optimizations that only our browsers support. Apparently our biggest competitors refuse to embrace these features, and only our browser allows you to take advantage of them.

CUSTOMER: “Web Optimizations?” You mean those proprietary tags that you’ve foisted on everyone, designed specifically to create incompatibilities with your competitors products?

ALEX: We don’t design products to create incompatibilities with our competitors. Our competitors simply refuse to embrace the innovations we offer up to the consumer.

CUSTOMERS: Your competitors are support industry standards.

ALEX: Industry Standards are the hobgoblins of people we don’t like.

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