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The Other Monopoly, Clarified

The Other Monopoly, Clarified
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: The Staff and Cast of Help Desk feel the need to correct an error that seems to have inserted itself into our iPod battery storyline.

ALEX: Last week, I said that the new iPod pricing scheme was $50 a year for a service where Apple would replace an iPod battery for $99. This, apparently, is a confusion of two SEPARATE services, and in fact Apple will replace any battery in a out-of-warranty iPod for $99, OR you can buy a service for $50 every two years in which Apple will replace the battery free of charge. We apologize for the confusion, and hope this clears things up a bit.

ALEX: As for the conclusions the Boss drew regarding how these programs worked, we can only offer one explanation.

BOSS: It’s how I would have done it.

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