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The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Binky explains: The True Meaning of Thanksgiving!

BINKY: Heya Skipper!

BINKY: Before the birth of Christ, Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock! They were trying to prove the earth was round by sailing around the world… And thought they’d landed in India! The leader of the Pilgrims was named Marco Polo!

BINKY: He and his friend Magellan bought New York from the Indians – for a song!* They would have paid gold, but the Indians already had a city of gold, and they knew that one day intellectual property would be a powerful force in this great country of ours…

*The name of the song has not been licensed for use on this site.

BINKY: Anyway, winter was coming! And they didn’t know if they’d have enough food! So they asked Pocahantas and Sacajawea to help, and they did! They convinced Chief Butterball to bring turkey, and corn, and mashed potatoes, and gravy and stuffing! Magellan and Marco Polo were very grateful, and they gave thanks!

BINKY: So today Americans sit down at the table and revel in their strong sense of history and their deep-rooted culture, and give thanks to everything that happened before them!

NARRATOR: This was Binky explains: The True Meaning of Thanksgiving!

MARK: Where do you get this stuff?

BINKY: Voices!

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