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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Hallo, chum. What say we —

BARRY: Stop it! I’m not your “chum.”

PHIL: Sorry, sport, I was just —

BARRY: I’m not your “sport,” either! I don’t know who you are, “Phil,” but you’re not welcome in the programmer’s cave.

PHIL: Barry, why the hostility? I thought we were friends.

BARRY: I was friends with a guy named Phil. He was a brilliant programmer whose carelessness and disorganization led to some of the most amazing software bugs I’ve ever seen.

BARRY: You’re just a guy who looks sort of like him, a little, but it’s hard to tell because of the impeccable grooming and neatly-pressed uniform and the fact that you work in MARKETING.


PHIL: You forgot the classic Hollywood era pencil-thin mustache.

BARRY: Get out!

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