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This Won’t Come Back To Haunt Him At all

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Mark, despite my preference for the contrary… if Phil and Barry are unable to convince this computer program to choose someone other than you, I’ll be obliged to take its advice.

MARK: Er… what?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Well I need to sue someone.

PHIL: Don’t worry Mark, we figured it out.

BARRY: It was an ingenious solution.

PHIL: Basically we added a new flag that identified select people as federal agents working undercover, which exempted them from searches. The program thinks you’re infiltrating a Linux terrorist organization. It also thinks you were personally responsible for covertly destroying IBM’s OS/2 marketing push.


PHIL: Don’t worry! It’s only in this program. It’s not like we changed any official records.

ALICE: Hey, did you know that some organization called “Warp City” just called for an “Object Oriented Jihad” on Mark?

BARRY: Oh, that’s right. We tested it on the live build first.

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