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Convicted by the Law of Averages

Convicted by the Law of Averages
Convicted by the Law of Averages
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Comic Transcript

PHIL: Well Boss, we think we’ve figured out the reason computer problems get fixed every time someone describes them to Alex.

BOSS: Tell me.

PHIL: It seems the phenomenon of someone calling Tech Support with a problem, only to have it mysteriously “go away” as soon as the support guy gets on the line, is actually pretty common. In a standard Help Desk environment,this kind of thing happens at least once a week. of course, it’s virtually unknown here, since our Help Desk isn’t for client support, but for client deterrence.

PHIL: So, uh, basically, it appears as though our business practices have created a statistical anomaly, and the universe is… uh… trying to correct it.

BOSS: So you are telling me this thing, whatever it is, will eventually go away?

PHIL: Maybe.


PHIL: Well… Ubersoft has been around since the 70s… That’s what, 25 to 30 years of statistical anomaly to work through?

BOSS: Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t have been better off creating a cult of forbidden secrets instead of a computer company.

PHIL: It’s the same thing.

BOSS: I do not pay you to be insightful.

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