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Automated Support
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Comic Transcript

ANSWERING MACHINE: Hello, and welcome to Ubersoft’s automated eSupport Hotline. Please choose from our menu of options. If you would like information about our InfoFax services, press “one” now. If you would like information concerning our product upgrades, please press “two” now. If you would like to speak to an actual customer service representative, please press “Three” now.

CUSTOMER: Hmmm. *beep*

ANSWERING MACHINE: Thank you! You have chosen to speak to a customer customer service representative. If that choice was correct, please press “one” now. If you wanted to choose something else, please press “two” now, or stay on the line and you will be returned to the main menu.

CUSTOMER: *sigh* *beep*

ANSWERING MACHINE: I’m sorry, all our customer representatives are busy. Please select the type of muzak you would like to hear while on hold. For orchestral remakes of popular pop and rock songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s, press “one” now. For light jazz reworkings of other light jazz music, please press “two” now. For full-choir covers of various blues and country artists, please press “three” now.


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