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Ask A Silly Question II

Ask A Silly Question II
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Come on. Somewhere deep in the vaults of your programming group there has to be at least ONE program that works flawlessly. I have money, I’ll pay.

ALEX: Ubersoft is not in the business of creating reliable software. it’s impractical.

ALEX: The computer market is a fast-paced, changing world. In the time it would take for us to design and test a stable program, our competitors would’ve already released seven versions of THEIR product, and by that time all its bigger bugs would be fixed anyway. So we make sure that our products are only partially tested. To date, we have not created a single program that could initially be described as “stable.”

CUSTOMER: Not even “Hello World?”

ALEX: The first time we ran that it activated a rogue Ubersoft Tactile Basic script that clogged our mail servers for a week.

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