Software Stress Testing

Software Stress Testing
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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Your program just broke my keyboard. I was pounding on it and suddenly the keyboard broke.

ALEX: Well, it is possible to stress the software out if you give it too much information, but I’ve never heard of it disabling a keyboard before…

CUSTOMER: Not disable. Broke. Snapped right in two.

ALEX: You mean you were physically…

CUSTOMER: What do you guys put in those boxes, steel siding?


  1. Sorry to always be the copyediting nitpicker (especially this direction), but:

    “What do you guys put in those [boses], steel siding?”, last panel. Correct in transcript.

    And if it isn’t worth bothering to fix something over 20 years old, you’re probably right : -) Having said that, now you know you still get rereads of 20 year old stuff…

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have the original files for the ones these old, so I can’t actually go back and fix them. I believe in 96 I was using WordPerfect Suite’s drawing/presentation program – the Windows 3.1 version!

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