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Approve Or Deny Part II

Comic Transcript

APPLE EMPLOYEE: My Lord, we have yet another batch of iPhone Apps for you to approve or deny.

STEVE JOBS: Very well.

APPLE EMPLOYEE: First on the list: an application that collects editorial cartoons from all the major newspapers and arranges them by topic.

STEVE JOBS: Mocking public figures violates our developer’s agreement. Denied.

APPLE EMPLOYEE: Second on the list: a well-known musician has created an app to allow his fans to listen to songs he’s currently working on.

STEVE JOBS: Modern musicians frequently resort to coarse and vulgar language. Denied.

APPLE EMPLOYEE: Third, we have an electronic reader for “Lady Chatterly’s Lover.”

STEVE JOBS: The artistic merit of that novel has been hotly debated, and it is ultimately erotica. Denied.


APPLE EMPLOYEE: Finally, we have yet another “Fart App” that–

STEVE JOBS: Approved.

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