The Next Step

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KING: Good news, sir. Now that we've cleared your browser cache I'm now satisfied that you've cleared your browser cache.

CUSTOMER: How is this good news?

KING: It means I can now recommend other courses of action that may solve your problem.

CUSTOMER: Uh-huh. Are you about to tell me to try rebooting my machine?

KING: No sir, I'm not going to do that.

CUSTOMER: Are you sure? Because that's from the same stupid playbook as your cache-clearing thing.

KING: No sir, I absolutely am not going to ask you to do that.


KING: OK, I actually am going to tell ask you to do that.

CUSTOMER: I knew it!


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You know when I had a

You know when I had a customer like this on my line I kinda celebrated. But I was supporting Windows 98, then Me, then XP. Then I got moved to printer support where the script usually worked better than improv.

Years ago I worked MSN tech

Years ago I worked MSN tech-support for dial-up internet. My favorite calls were from Linux users - I was working the job for the paycheck, my personal preference is very much for the *nixes. My script for the MSN support calls from Linux users was "I'm sorry, we do not officially support Linux connecting to MSN. All I can tell you is <the relevant details that they were probably calling to ask for>."