Kernel Panic

The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: OK guys, I’ve taken stock of our situation, and things are pretty bleak.

ALAN: All our computers are gone. This means the company has no email, no access to shared files, and no access to the corporate intranet. All our backups are gone, which means we have no way of restoring all the missing information. And since the FBI is sitting on all this until their investigation is over, we have no way of knowing exactly how long it will be before we get any of it back.

ALAN: With that in mind, I’ve prepared a prioritized list of things we should do in order to cope with our current situation.

ALAN: Step one: Track down Steven and thrash him soundly. Step two: Get a new coffee maker. Step three: take the rest of the week off.

MARTIN: Maybe we should start with the coffee maker and see what happens next.

ERRATA: For some reason in this comic the government agency that confiscated all their equipment changed from the Secret Service to the FBI. I have no idea why that is.

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