A Marketable Visiage

A Marketable Visiage
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: I’ve got it! The answer to all our problems!

JACK: All of them?

ALAN: Well, a big one — the one where we don’t have any computers and we don’t have any money we can use to buy computers.

PAUL What are we going to do?

ALAN: We’re going to sell this on eBay. We’ll make a killing.


ALAN: Don’t you see it?

JACK: … what are we supposed to see?

ALAN: The FACE. Look, eBay is full of people selling things with faces on it. Usually it’s the Virgin Mary, sometimes it’s Jesus. THIS has the most uncanny resemblance to Abraham Lincoln I’ve ever seen!


MARTIN: Alan, this is a penny.

JACK: We have got to get this man some coffee.

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