Kernel Panic: Introduction

C. B. Wright
"Life at the other end of the stick"
Kernel Panic: life at the other end of the stick

There are Heroes in the computer industry — unknown mavericks fighting against an implacable enemy that seeks to destroy their tried and true methods of Getting Things Done With Computers, only to replace them with monolithic structures of beeping digital tyranny. These heroes, as it turns out, are nearly as petty, small-minded, and easily distracted by shiny objects as the foes they battle day in and day out.

Kernel Panic is their story.

The IT department of NifTech spends its days keeping the company email running, fixing server crashes, and ensuring that the computer infrastructure continues to function as is should — all on Unix-based systems, of course, despite the attempts of everyone around them to force them to switch to the hated Ubersoft operating system, Nifty Doorways. In the meantime they must struggle with hard-hitting questions like “which Linux distribution should we use?” and “should we also consider BSD?” and “how long does it take to install Gentoo?” and of course “do we really all need to be logged in as root at the same time?”

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