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Comic Transcript

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): I, Elon Musk, am very dissatisfied with the state of X!

MONK: You mean Twitter?

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): X!

ALEX: Twitter.

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): It is no longer Twitter! It is now called X!

ALEX: Everyone still calls it Twitter.

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): I bought the company! I get to call it whatever I want! It’s called “X” now, which is a cool, edgy representation of its cool, edgy future!

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): Any day now, the world will wake up to the fact that they were wrong, and that I am a visionary who implicitly understands internet culture!

MARK: Oh, look, it’s the Twitter guy.

ELON MUSK (carrying FAN CLUB): Any day now!

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