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Comic Transcript

ALICE: Hey big brother! How’s it going?

ALEX: A lot better since Viktor took the rich guy into his office. Hopefully he stays there.

ALICE: Aw… Elon isn’t so bad. He’s about to pay us a lot of money!

ALEX: Alice, I’m already providing tech support for “X,” which mostly involves sympathizing with customers who don’t understand why it isn’t still called Twitter. What more are you going to drag us into?

ALICE: Oh, you won’t have to do anything. We’re going to sue Media Matters on his behalf.

ALEX: Who?

ALICE: It’s the company that discovered X was serving ads from the big name companies right next to tweets that were… um…

ALEX: …profoundly racist?

ALICE: We’re going to call it “socially challenging” in the lawsuit.

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