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Comic Transcript

JUDGE: First, before we get started, I absolutely refuse to refer to the claimants as “A Bunch of Smelly Hippies.”

FED: Your Honor, we’ve already successfully argued our point on this matter.

JUDGE: You haven’t successfully argued that in my court, young man, and I have no patience for that kind of nonsense.

FED: Fine. How about “Morally Corrupt Communists?”


FED: “Terrorist-sympathizing cretins?”


FED: How about–

JUDGE: You can call them by their actual name. Or you can not refer to them at all, and simply respond to the charges brought against you.

FED: Since the court has spoken, I suppose we have no choice.

JUDGE: That’s what I was hoping you’d–

FED: We will completely ignore everything you just said and continue to call them “A Bunch of Smelly Hippies.”

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