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Getting Our Bearings

Comic Transcript

ALEX: OK, this isn’t right.

MONK: Are you even following the map?

ALEX: Of course I’m following the map! Look. It says we had to turn right at the weird… escher-looking road that sort of… melts over itself, like a Moebius strip gone horribly wrong.

MONK: No. That is clearly a picture of a duck.

ALEX: That is not a duck.

MONK: It’s a duck! It’s an infographic telling you there are ducks in this area!

ALEX: Monk, this is obviously part of the road. Besides, what would ducks be doing in this area?

MONK: What would a Moebius strip be doing in this area?


ALEX: … going horribly wrong. Obviously.

MONK: They really need to fix Apple maps.

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