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Fixing On The Fly

Comic Transcript

BARRY: OK, so somehow we mixed up everyone’s account and now people are using their usernames and passwords to access other account emails. That’s a problem.

KING: (Whispering) Why is your email so boring?

ALEX: (Whispering) Because I work here, and stuff like this happens.

BARRY: But you’ll be happy to know we’ve taken steps to fix it. We’ve deactivated all user accounts. You won’t be able to access your email until we’ve sorted this out.

BARRY: Once all account names have been properly assigned to their actual accounts, we’ll do a global reset of all passwords just to make sure everything’s secure.

ALEX: If the passwords have changed, how will we know how to log in?

BARRY: We’ll mail you the password.


BARRY: Or… we’ll do something else. Something that makes sense.

KING: (Whispering) Seriously, though, I was expecting at least an interoffice romance or something.

ALEX: (Whispering) Sorry.

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