Help Desk

Bringing Out The Fall Guy

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: I’m having trouble with my Ubersoft webmail.

ALEX: You too?

CUSTOMER: Well this morning when I logged in I didn’t recognize any of the messages in my In folder. It looked like they were from someone else’s account. And now I can’t access my email at all.

BARRY: Uh, hey Alex. Got a minute?

BARRY: It appears that at some point in the past we may have consolidated a few servers or something, and accidentally merged our corporate email service with our commercial email service. So you might get… a few calls from customers complaining about the email thing.

BARRY: Whatever you do, don’t tell them what’s really going on. Tell them anything else you want, but don’t tell them what’s actually going on. Victor seems to think this might open us up to some kind of lawsuit. Or something.


ALEX: We were hacked by Anonymous.

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