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Disgrace the Nation

Disgrace the Nation
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Comic Transcript

TV PERSONALITY: Welcome to another edition of “Disgrace the Nation.” Tonight, Ubersoft launches a new anti-piracy effort across the world, warning everyone about the dangers of purchasing computers without operating systems already installed in them.

NARRATOR: VIKTOR SCHRECK, Ubersoft Chief Counsel.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: All too often customers buy these “empty computers” and unwittingly break the law by installing a copy of Nifty Doorways that they just happen to have lying around. We know all law-abiding citizens of the world want to adhere to our software licenses, so we are trying to let them know that these activities make adherence that much more difficult.

TV PERSONALITY: As a follow up to this campaign, Ubersoft announced a new customer relations initiative called “Rat out your neighbor for fun and profit.”

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