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So Long Sucker

Comic Transcript

ALEX: Where are you off to, Barry?

BARRY: Er… hi, Alex.

ALEX: You seem uncharacteristically nervous for a Friday.

BARRY: Heh. Yes. Well, I gotta go.

ALEX: Barry…

BARRY: OK, so here’s the thing. IT is upgrading a bunch of our game servers. Which mens they have to take them off line for an indeterminate length of time.

ALEX: We have game servers?

BARRY: Not for us. For customers. Unfortunately, our DRM is “always on,” which means it’s constantly pinging our game servers to verify that the license is legitimate and the copy protection hasn’t been cracked.

ALEX: When you say “always on…”

BARRY: I mean that s soon as the game detects the servers are down it will be completely unplayable.

ALEX: So you’re off to help IT with the transition.

BARRY: No, I’m taking two weeks of vacation in an undisclosed location. Good luck with the phones.

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