One-Stop ID Theft Shop

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Comic Transcript

BARRY: Alex, I think you’re overracting. Creating a unified identity management tool for your social networks and bank accounts will simplify your life enormously.

ALEX: It will simplify the lives of identity thieves everywhere.

BARRY: I think you’re exaggerating.

ALEX: Eleven years ago someone used my credit card number to try and charge more than twelve thousand dollars to a pornographic clipart web site.

BARRY: I vaguely remember that.

ALEX: The would-be identity thief was stopped because the employee credit union called me to confirm the charge.

BARRY: So that worked out for the best, then.

ALEX: But if that thief had managed to get the credit card number from an application that also managed my identity in all its forms, he would have been able to update my contact information, and the credit union would have called him instead.


BARRY: But you would also have access to some pretty interesting clipart.

ALEX: Go away, Barry.

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