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An Unexpected End

Comic Transcript

MARK: The project’s been canceled? What do you mean?

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: It seems Steve Jobs decided to retire from Apple. He’s leaving the public eye. Our analysts have determined that in a few months his ego will weaken to the point where it will return to its interdimensional prison.

MARK: Decided to retire? You mean forced to retire, right? He didn’t leave willingly.


MARK: He wasn’t forced out by his board of directors?

GENERAL RICHMOND MONTGOMERY: No. It looks like it was entirely his idea. Anyway, now that he’s out there’s really no point in continuing the project. The threat to our world is over. You will be paid in full for your services, and you have the thanks of a relieved-not-to-have-to-be-grateful nation.

MARK: Doesn’t this seem like a trick to you guys?

DOC: Sorry Mark, I stopped listening after “paid in full.”

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