Duck Season

Comic Transcript

MARK: All right, thanks to Fred we’re going to have to abandon our computers and convince them to let us leave.

FRED: Sorry.

SALLY: Yeah, well, good luck with that. How are you going to get them to agree to let us out?

MARK: Like this…

MARK: Hey! Auditors!

AUDITOR: No talking!

MARK: We’re really busy and we can’t afford to waste any time, so why don’t you all just come on in here and do your audit while we keep working?

AUDITOR: What, do you think I was born yesterday? You will all leave your office immediately.

MARK: … we really, REALLY need to keep working. It’s life or death!

AUDITOR: That’s not my concern. Get out!

MARK: Fine… but for the record we really, REALLY don’t want to.


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