Something Lost In Transcription

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Comic Transcript

DOC: What do we do, Mark?

MARK: We wait. I sent the General a text that we were in trouble just before we left. I expect he’ll be calling any minute now…

MAX: They’re gaining on us.

MARK: He already called back. I turned off the ringer. That was brilliant.

MAX: They’re still gaining on us.

MARK: Looks like he left a message… Won’t be able to hear it with the top down, though. Doc, read the Google Voice transcription.

DOC: “Mark sis general rich mount gomer. Dam fuel thing you’d id, gong off. Base unanimous. I’m sending attempt intersect you, we’re tack our ref id on your jacket and shudder therein a fume in its. Keep ankle ear head and hanging there.”


MARK: Damn you Google Voice.

MAX: They’re still gaining on us.

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