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It Also Stings

Comic Transcript

MAX: I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but they’re still gaining on us.

DOC: Mark, stop playing with your damn phone and drive faster!

MARK: I’m not playing! If their car really is based on Apple technology, it doesn’t matter how fast I drive. Eventually they’ll overtake us on enthusiasm alone. I’m going to Plan B.

MAX: They’re getting closer!

DOC: Plan B is your phone?

MARK: There was a recent study that showed the Apple community reacted to the Apple logo in much the same way that religious people react to religious symbols. So let’s see what happens when these guys are shown…

MARK: The Android logo!

OFF-PANEL: Aieeee! No!

ALSO OFF-PANEL: It burns! It burns!

(Sound of crashing, then an explosion.)

MAX: We’re good.

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