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Not The Apology We Were Hoping For

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: You might be wondering, at this point, exactly what it is we are apologizing for. It is a fair question; I will explain.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: When we first entered the web market, we introduced a web browser that, many claim, was not only not standards-compliant, but was deliberately designed not to be standards-compliant.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: As time went on, and our web browser became the dominant web browser on the web, many claim we continued to make the browser not only not standards-compliant, but so incompatible with existing standards that if the standards were followed, it would not render on our browser at all.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: As a result, these people claim, web designers had to figure out how to design two web sites: one for web browsers that supported the existing web standards, and one for our web browser. This has, they said, actually prevented the web from developing in a healthy manner.

REPORTER: Is that what you’re apologizing for?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: No, actually we’re rather proud of that.

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