Back In The Day

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Comic Transcript

MARK: All right, everyone choose a computer and let’s get started.

MAX: I notice they’ve put us in the “Econosizer” cubes. Might as well have taken the partitions out, they’re so small…

MARK: Remember the first cubes they ever put us in?

DOC: Best cube I ever had.

SALLY: Wait. You liked the cubes?

MAX: Well before they gave us cubes we were working in a bullpen: no walls, just a bunch of desks shoved into a room.

DOC: The cubes were definitely a step up.

SALLY: So the thing that most office workers point to as heralding the decline of the office environment was actually a good thing for technical writers.

MARK: Yeah, but it wasn’t all good. There was also Casual Friday.

DOC: We had to dress up for that.

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