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Meanwhile, Oracle

Comic Transcript

PETITIONER: Oh mighty Oracle, we come seeking guidance. What licensing options do we have if we want to run your database in a virtual environment?

NARRATOR: Oracle Sales and Licensing Division

ORACLE: There are mysteries, far and wide; between the mountains and the sea; these are among those, and only in the passage of time will illumination come.

PETITIONER: Yes, but how much will it cost?

ORACLE: The true cost of a deed can be measured in songs of the bards who praise it.

PETITIONER: What does that mean?

ORACLE: There is meaning in the falling of a leaf. THere is knowledge in the passing of seasons. There is illumination even in the night, from moon and stars.

PETITIONER: How much MONEY do we have to pay you in order to DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO?

ORACLE: We haven’t decided yet. But it will be a lot. Have a nice day.

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