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A Curious Lapse In Memory

Comic Transcript

STEVE (BINKY): Hallo Boys.

KING: Steve!

MONK: Hey.

ALEX: What brings you over here?

STEVE (BINKY): Mostly it’s a social call, though Lord Steve does want me to check in on the Old Man and gloat over the success of the iPhone 4.

MONK: Oh hey, too bad about that Consumer Reports article.

STEVE (BINKY): The what?

KING: Consumer Reports. They’re not recommending the iPhone 4 because of the antenna problem.

STEVE (BINKY): Never heard of them.

KING: Consumer Reports. They recommended the iPhone 3.

STEVE (BINKY): Ah, yes, Consumer Reports. Fine publication.

KING: But they didn’t recommend the iPhone 4.

STEVE (BINKY): Never heard of them.

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