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LAWYER: Your Honor, my opponent isn’t basing a case on accepted precedent. He is, essentially, trying to litigate new law.

LAWYER: This country recognizes that individuals can organize and campaign against other individuals. Exhorting the public to impose economic sanctions against an individual or organization is not illegal. In fact, that exhortation is protected speech.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Not all speech is protected, Your Honor. Someone using words to incite a crowd to riot can be held responsible for that riot.

LAWYER: We’re not trying to incite a riot. We’re trying to keep people from buying all the spyware your company keeps churning out year after year.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: You are assaulting, in the most direct manner possible, our ability to generate income.

LAWYER: A boycott is not an assault!

VIKTOR SCHRECK: A boycott is an attempt to coerce behavior through intimidation and force. It’s the classic definition of racketeering!

LAWYER: Starting a boycott is not the same thing as racketeering!


ADALAI FOULE: The Judge would like to break the kneecaps of everyone in the room.

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