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A Non-Standard Definition Of Simple

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Boss, I believe we have come up with a simple, straightforward way to create a profitable webcomics market for the Doodle.

ALICE: We start by providing a subscription model for downloading comic feeds through our online store. Subscriptions will be bought in bulk — a flat fee will give access to ten comics right off the bat. They will also give the user access to discussion feeds about the comic as well as what we consider the primary draw, access to webcomic-centric flame wars.

ALICE: Preliminary research indicates that while webcomic users generally dislike webcomic-centric flame wars, they also can’t stay away from them. We’ll use those feeds to introduce the user to other webcomics they haven’t subscribed to yet, and will make sure those discussion feeds are incomplete until the user has subscribed to the other comics referenced in those discussions.

ALICE: Since the user will only be able to purchase webcomic subscriptions in bulk orders, that will encourage the users to subscribe to even more webcomics, leading to more discussion and flame war feeds, leading to even more subscriptions in bulk orders.


BOSS: That is your simple, straightforward method?

ALICE: Our data models predict we’ll be able to create and sustain a market for at least ten to fifteen years.

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