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Pioneers in the Field

Pioneers in the Field
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: So, sis… if we have all these patents that can be used against the music industry… why aren’t we using them?

ALICE: The music industry is too big to take on directly… those are defensive patents.

ALEX: Defensive patents?

ALICE: Right… We’re just holding on to them in case the music industry acts in a way that runs counter to our interests… Fortunately, that doesn’t look like it’ll be much of a problem.

ALEX: Why not?

ALICE: Well, think about it.

ALICE: They’re a small group of fabulously wealthy executives intent on dominating their market by making it too hard for talented, inexperienced participants to make a name or a living for themselves, allowing them to use the entire target market to showcase their own product and nothing else.

ALEX: That does sound familiar.

ALICE: We get a lot of the same business magazines.

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