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The Get Out Of Blame Free Card

Comic Transcript

ALICE: Hello, this is Alice from the Marketing division at Ubersoft.

CUSTOMER: We’re not interested in buying anything right now.

ALICE: I’m actually calling on behalf of our legal department. It appears you may be in violation of our licensing agreement, and legal asked that we contact you in order to make you aware of your licensing obligations in regards to Ubersoft Nifty Doorways 7.

CUSTOMER: Violation? What violation?

ALICE: Our records indicate you own one license for ND7. You’re probably going to need to buy another.

CUSTOMER: Why would I need two licenses? I only own one computer.

ALICE: When you first install the operating system, it exists on your hard drive. When you run it, parts of the operating system are copied into the computer’s RAM. this means that while th computer is being used, there are two copies of your operating system on the same machine. So you’re going to need an extra license.

CUSTOMER: That is the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. What brain dead organization came up with that idiocy?

ALICE: Apple.

CUSTOMER: On second thought, I think I see your point.

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