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JIM WASHINGTON: Controversy erupts today as Ubersoft, responding to a study put out by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, openly questioned the finding that Cyberterror “was not a critical threat” at this time.

ALICE: The findings of the CSIS study are fundamentally irresponsible, and we fear it will put the security of the United States at risk.

JIM WASHINGTON: The Center for Strategic and International Studies immediately fired back in defense of their study.

CSIS SPOKESMAN: I don’t know what Ubersoft is going on about. We conducted our study responsibly and we stand by our findings.

ALICE: The study was the byproduct of someone who was either a complete idiot, or by someone who had a sinister, ulterior motive for keeping US Citizens ignorant of the danger they’re in.

CSIS SPOKESMAN: We’re not idiots!

ALICE: There’s still another options.

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