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Crank Caller #475

Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Hey, I’m trying to search for some information on the web and Google isn’t working for me. Do you have any alternate suggestions?

ALEX: Absolutely. Try Doink.

CUSTOMER: *titter*

ALEX: …it’s the latest in search engine technology from Ubersoft. And it’s designed to solve all the problems people have encountered using a regular search engine.

CUSTOMER: That sounds very interesting. What’s it called again?

SECOND VOICE: Hee hee hee hee hee!

ALEX: … Doink.

VOICES OVER THE PHONE: Hahaha! *choke* *giggle*

ALEX: … is something wrong?

VOICE: He wants to know if there’s something wrong.

SECOND VOICE: Say no! Say no!


(ALEX sighs.)

VOICE: Make him say the word again!

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