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The Ultimate Goal

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Once we have established the precedent that not complying with an End user License Agreement is a violation fo Federal Law, the next step is to ensure that civil charges as well as criminal charges can be filed against the offending customer.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: To do this, we would further modify the EULA to include the phrase “user agrees that violation of any of the terms of this Agreement will cause the company substantive material damages.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: In this way, the user will not only be guilty of hacking, as per already established Federal Law Enforcement guidelines, but of attempting to defraud the company as well. This will make it easier to seek redress in the courts, because instead of seeking punitive damages, the company would merely be seeking compensatory damages in the amount that the company was defrauded when the customer willfully violated the EULA.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: All of this, of course, leads up to our ultimate goal, which is to get customers to pay us money to make it all go away.

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