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Digging Up Dirt

Comic Transcript

VIKTOR: We have a name. The next step is to root through his online activities and find something we can use to our benefit.

MARK: What kind of something?

VIKTOR: Here’s how this works: we choose someone at random and investigate his or her online habits, computer purchases, political vies, and social activities. We evaluate what laws — be they local, state, or federal — the subject may be breaking, and then determine which of those laws we can twist into an intellectual property suit.

VIKTOR: This does two things: first, it creates legal precedent for the use of any old, half-forgotten laws that may be sitting unnoticed, and second, it strengthens intellectual property law in our favor. Assuming, of course, that our suit is successful — which it usually is.

MARK: You are an evil, evil man.

VIKTOR: Flatterer.

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