The Bureaucracy Of Evil

Comic Transcript

ALICE: It’s been a week and we still can’t find her.

BOSS: This is unacceptable! I want this woman found, immediately!

ALICE: It’s going to be hard to do, Boss. Our campus has miles of human-sized ventilation shafts. we don’t have the personnel we need to search them all simultaneously.

BOSS: Curses!

ALICE: If you don’t mind me saying so, it seems a little strange that our ventilation ducts are so large. Isn’t that a little unnecessary?

BOSS: It is both unnecessary and wasteful. However, the “Overlord Achilles Heel Act” of 1953 requires that an complex run by an evil megalomaniac must contain at least one design flaw.

ALICE: I see.

BOSS: I decided this was safer than installing a shiny red self destruct button.

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