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The Secret Weapon

Comic Transcript

BOSS: Never in the history of this company have we had a breac of security as egregious as the one I have witnessed today!

MONK: I don’t think it’s as bad as you’re —

BOSS: An elderly woman is crawling through our ventilation ducts on a mission to destroy our computers with a claw hammer!

HENRY: But she’s lost the element of surprise. Now that we’re expecting her, she son’t be able to do too much more damage before she gets caught.

ALICE: Hey Boss… an old woman just crawled out of a ventilation duct, destroyed one of the Marketing Department’s servers with a claw hammer, then crawled back in and left.

BOSS: Why did you allow her to escape?

ALICE: She distracted us with cookies.

BOSS: Cookies?

ALICE: Snickerdoodles.

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