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Comic Transcript

ANDY (A BLUE-SHIRTED GOOGLE EMPLOYEE): Hello Scott. If you’re hired you’ll be attached to my development group, so I’d like to take this time to ask you a few simple questio–

SECOND BLUE-SHIRT: Sorry to interrupt, Andy, but the boys and I have a situation.

ANDY: What now?

SECOND BLUE-SHIRT: It’s a waxing gibbous moon, Gemini is in the first house, Mars ascendant, I saw a turtle with a broken shell crawling sideways over broken glass this morning, and it seems Mitch drew both the Magician and the King of Cups.

ANDY: Fill out a Form 7-A, Authorization for the Restock of Martyr’s Blood, drop it off at Materials & Requisition, make sure you give it to Bill, NOT Debbie, and stress that you need it before the next full moon. Don’t debug a line of code until you draw the Heirophant.

SECOND BLUE-SHIRT: [Leaving] Got it.

ANDY: [To Scott] Sorry, where were we?

SCOTT: You were about to ask me some questions, and I was about to run to the exit, dodging ceiling tentacles and screaming the entire way.

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