Sometimes A Direct Line Is Better

Comic Transcript

MONK: So Alex… why are you wearing your gear?

ALEX: My what?

MARK: Your headset. I was curious about that myself.

ALEX: Oh… so we call in when we find Binky.

MARK: Why not just use your cellphone?

ALEX: Sure, I could do that…

ALEX: … it would mean sitting in the customer queue for a few hours until someone — probably King — answered the phone and asked for my customer support number. Before I’d have the chance to tell him who I was, he’d realize I don’t have a customer support number and he’d transfer me to sales.

MONK: Oh yeah… at which point someone from sales would answer the phone trying to sell you a support contract…

ALEX: … and sales isn’t allowed to transfer your call until you buy a support contract.

MONK: And since the support contract wouldn’t be tied to a product we were selling, the application would probably fail…

ALEX: … which would get me transferred to legal.

MARK: Nevermind.

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